Andhadhun Lifetime Box Office Collection Report: India & Overseas

Andhadhun was crime thriller performed phenomenally well at the box office.This article will make you aware about movie collection and performance of the casts.


Andhadhun Lifetime Box Office Collection Report:  Andhadhun was a suspense drama directed by Sriram Raghavan, starring Ayushmann Khurrana, Radhika Apte, Tabu & Anil Dhawanin in lead roles, released on 5th October of 2018.

This was a story of a visually impaired piano player named Akash from Pune. Akash fell in love with Sophie (Radhika Apte). Sophie also loves Akash and was very much impressed with his piano skills. Versatile actor Ayushmann Khurrana played the character of Akash, and he did full justice to his role.

The movie was Super-duper hit at the box office. Also was successful to generate curiosity among the audience to watch such movie.

No doubt, Andhadhun was one of the greatest movies of the year 2018. Therefore, it registered its name in the list of blockbuster hit movies of 2018.

Here is the detailed collection report of the movie.

Andhadhun Lifetime Box Office Report: Summary

Period Amount (in Crores)
Opening DayINR 2.70
End of Opening WeekendINR 15.00
End of Week 1INR 27.65
End of Week 2INR 50.85
End of Week 3INR 61.60
End of Week 4INR 66.10
End of Week 5INR 69.12
End of Week 6INR 71.12
End of Week 7INR 72.37
End of Week 8INR 73.49
End of Week 9INR 74.24
End of Week 10INR 74.45
End of Week 11INR 74.55
End of Week 12INR 74.58
End of Week 13INR 74.59
Lifetime CollectionINR 74.59


Andhadhun Lifetime Box Office Report: Day Wise

DayAmount (in Crores)Growth/Drop
Day 1INR 2.70N/A
Day 2INR 5.1089%
Day 3INR 7.2041%
Day 4INR 3.40-53%
Day 5INR 3.503%
Day 6INR 3.25-7%
Day 7INR 2.50-23%
Day 8INR 3.0020%
Day 9INR 5.5083%
Day 10INR 5.755%
Day 11INR 2.30-60%
Day 12INR 2.20-4%
Day 13INR 2.305%
Day 14INR 2.15-7%
Day 15INR 2.307%
Day 16INR 2.509%
Day 17INR 2.500%
Day 18INR 1.00-60%
Day 19INR 0.90-10%
Day 20INR 0.80-11%
Day 21INR 0.75-6%
Day 22INR 0.60-20%
Day 23INR 1.1083%
Day 24INR 1.2514%
Day 25INR 0.45-64%
Day 26INR 0.450%
Day 27INR 0.35-22%
Day 28INR 0.30-14%
Day 29INR 0.4033%
Day 30INR 0.6050%
Day 31INR 0.7017%
Day 32INR 0.35-50%
Day 33INR 0.350%
Day 34INR 0.32-9%
Day 35INR 0.30-6%
Day 36INR 0.25-17%
Day 37INR 0.4060%
Day 38INR 0.5025%
Day 39INR 0.25-50%
Day 40INR 0.250%
Day 41INR 0.20-20%
Day 42INR 0.15-25%
Day 43INR 0.150%
Day 44INR 0.2033%
Day 45INR 0.3050%
Day 46INR 0.15-50%
Day 47INR 0.150%
Day 48INR 0.150%
Day 49INR 0.150%
Day 50 – Day 56INR 1.12647%
Day 57 – Day 63INR 0.75-33%
Day 64 – Day 70INR 0.21-72%
Day 71 – Day 77INR 0.10-52%
Day 78 – Day 84INR 0.03-70%
Day 85 – Day 91INR 0.01-67%

Andhadhun Lifetime Box Office Report: Weekend Wise

Weekend Amount (in Crores)
Weekend 1INR 15.00
Weekend 2INR 14.25
Weekend 3INR 7.30
Weekend 4INR 2.95
Weekend 5INR 1.70
Weekend 6INR 1.15
Weekend 7INR 0.65

Andhadhun Lifetime Box Office Report: Week Wise

WeekAmount (in Crores)
Week 1INR 27.65
Week 2INR 23.20
Week 3INR 10.75
Week 4INR 4.50
Week 5INR 3.02
Week 6INR 2.00
Week 7INR 1.25
Week 8INR 1.12
Week 9INR 0.75
Week 10INR 0.21
Week 11INR 0.10
Week 12INR 0.03
Week 13INR 0.01

Andhadhun Lifetime Box Office Report: Territory Wise

TerritoryAmount (in Crores)
MumbaiINR 22.60
Delhi-U.PINR 17.26
East PunjabINR 5.90
CPINR 2.55
CIINR 0.29
RajasthanINR 2.75
Nizam-APINR 2.52
MysoreINR 4.87
West BengalINR 2.74
Bihar & JharkhandINR 1.06
AssamINR 0.47
OrissaINR 0.55
Tamil Nadu & KeralaINR 0.50
OthersINR 10.53

Lifetime Box Office Report: Cinema Chain Wise

CinemaAmount (in Crores)
PVRINR 22.36
CarnivalINR 5.70
CinepolisINR 8.09
OthersINR 24.03

Lifetime Box Office Report: Country Wise

CountryCollections (In Local Currency)
New Zealand35,020
United States of America1,373,943
United Kingdom117,743
United Arab Emirates2,936,000

Lifetime Box Office Report: Worldwide Wise

Parameter Amount (in Crores)
India box office Nett cr.INR 74.59
India box office Gross cr.INR 95.63
Overseas Gross cr.INR 361.26
Worldwide collections Gross cr.INR 456.89


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