A Reply To All Those Who Claim That SRK is over. I Call it Birth of SRK 2.0 – An Open Letter


This Article Is written by a Die hard Shahrukh Khan Fan, Subham Ghosh From Kolkatta.

Dear Shahrukh Sir,

At first, I want to say You are my Life! Being a sincere fan, I am really sad because

For last 2-3 years your films are not doing well at the domestic box office. The Problem is not that you are doing films likes Happy New Year, Dilwale or Jab Harry Met Sejal. Problem is that your fans and this full nation is not used to watch you in these kind of roles.

We are used to the Shahrukh Khan which we saw in Chak De, My Name is Khan, Kal Ho Na Ho, Kuch Kuch Hota hai and this list can go on and on.

Although we never failed to realize that you did try to bring good stories to life in last 2-3 years, for example Jab Harry Met Sejal was an experiment and it did not work well, Fan was a letdown specially in the second half and your acting was wasted by a bad script and bad direction. Dilwale and Happy New Year were exactly the kind of films why we did not like any other star, you were the only one who never relied on masala films but we thought its okay after all you also have right to do what you want to do.

But this is all the bad part which I had to share with you, I still have faith that you will be back with good films and me and the world knows one thing when SRK comes up with a good movie with universal appeal, it will break every record that ever existed not only in India but across the globe.

Having said that I feel that your management team is not upto the mark, since Raees I have observed that they are not well planned, they don’t know what the audience wants and when and Jab Harry Met Sejal was one such example where even if say that the script of the film was not upto the mark and was not meant for you.

Overall planning in terms of releasing content like Mini Clips, Songs etc was very bad. For example Phurr , Hawayein, Raula, Safar were such beautiful songs but when you get to hear them, just a few days before the release of the Movie.

Dear Sir, there are still many people in India who watch your films but don’t have access to Internet and Twitter only forms a small part of this audience. We can’t blame you for this, but as an outsider I feel that you don’t have the right people with you. And this needs to be changed.

Sir I am a Kid and I have not achieved anything in Life and I don’t have any stature that I can advise you, but I want you to promise a few things to me and all your fans.

  1. From here on you will choose universal scripts which have enough depth and which will be liked by everyone.
  2. You will give us more memorable songs with each film, so that when we grow old we can proudly listen to a large collection of SRK only music.
  3. Sir please get the right people on board and please ensure that you do not have any “ Asteen Ke Saanp”.
  4. If there are any scientific methods to validate the script, please apply that.
  5. And last one you will give us one all time block buster every year from here on.

Your and Your Fan only Till My Last Breathe.

Subham Ghosh.

Some Genius has told us

“ Jab Tak Sab Kuch Theek Na Ho Jaaye, Toh Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost.”

For All Those who are raising questions over my Idol. The Below part of the letter is for you.

You might be a fan of any other star and I respect that, I will never try to bring your star down. But there has been a lot of stupidity over the internet after Jab Harry Met Sejal Met with an extremely Negative Response and Toilet Ek Prem Katha Received Phenomenal word of mouth.

I am not trying to Point my fingers on any star but all those who have been trolling SRK fans after release of Toilet Ek Prem Katha here’s my reply to you.

And before reading the below data just remember when Shahrukh Khan gives a film with the kind of word of mouth that TEPK has then all records are broken, don’t forget Chennai Express. But I will not go into past I will only talk about 2017.

  1. Highest grosser of 2017 is still Raees and it did not receive a phenomenal word of mouth, and to add more to the woes it released in January which is a dump month for films and if that was not enough it released in a clash with Kaabil where apart from screens, shows were also shared.
  2. Even in lesser number of shows Raees opened to packed houses and witnessed the biggest occupancy of 2017 till now even on a working day, which could not be matched by Tubelight also which released in Festival period in no clash with more screen and barely managed to cross Raees collections.
  3. Now let’s compare Toilet and Raees.
    1. Akshay Kumar Right now in super form and he has a series of hits and in his golden period.
    2. Toilet has elements which are related to the current ruling party and thus a lot more support is guaranteed.
    3. The content of the film is being liked by everyone, it might be just behind Baahubali 2 when it comes to word of mouth.
    4. But the Result, even after getting similar number of Holidays to Raees the film has not even managed to touch 85 crores in 6 days at the box office.
    5. However Raees which released in SRK’s not so great form, a gangster Drama, Limited Appeal, No families support, Content not liked so much, clash with a film which had better word of mouth still almost touched 100 crores in 6 days flat.

And this is my answer to you, even in his worst Phase SRK is better than best phases of many. Even a Film like Jab Harry Met Sejal which was only meant for limited audience opened to 15 crore+ on its day 1 in limited release, can any other star do that.

Shahrukh is not a star he is a phenomena, he is the reason that people know Bollywood outside India and he started ruling bollywood when he was no one, but right now he is a king, already has the most loyal fans this earth has ever seen and this will not change even if he gives all flops from here.

But as much as he loved success, he loved his fans and for both these reasons he will ensure that he only delivers ATBB from here.

Take Care Everyone SRK 2.0 is just beginning and let me assure you, you will be a witness to it.


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