2.0 China Release Stalled: The Real Story behind all the rumors.

Unfortunately for Rajanikanth and Akshay Kumar Fans 2.0 is not releasing in China anytime soon, this is what the reports say. We have a different take on the whole story.


2.0 China Release: Producers In India have got this perception that if they release a Movie in China then it will work wonders. But that is not the case with all the movies.

If we look at the Major Bollywood films that worked in China are Dangal, English Medium, Secret Superstar, Andhadhun, Mom and some others. All These films were simple stories told in an engrossing way and none of them was VFX heavy.

While there will always be a Baahuabli 2 which worked in China But not at the expected levels. The reason is that Chinese film Industry produce VFX heavy films very often.

They accept foreign films in this segment but the ones which are better than their local films to name a Few Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, Any MCU Movie in the recent years, Godzilla and more.

Why 2.0 China Release Has Been Stalled ?

The officially planned release of 2.0 in China is just Days in fact hours away. But the Distributor is getting cold hands right before the release of the movie. Now some rumors are reporting that if film is not able to earn 170 crores at Chinese Box Office then it will be a loss making proposition for the distributor.

And hence the distributor is planning to back out, however the truth rests somewhere in between.

But before going to the truth let’s understand what is happening at the ground. The movie posters and other marketing material is already released and the distributors have already incurred that cost so it will only be foolish not to go ahead with the release of the movie.

So what’s the issue they might as well release the film because it was being said in all the published articles that 2.0 will release in 55000+ or 58000+ screens in China. That was laughable from the word go, because that means around 68% screens of China and a Bollywood movie cannot command that space at least not right now.

An Avengers Endgame got about 48000 screens in China and that was an event movie. So the first problem starts here, there was continuous arm twisting going on between India and China about the number of screens.

The First party (Distributor) who knows the truth about the Chinese film industry knew that it was not possible for film to get so many screens but then our Indian Counterparts (The Producers) kept on doing their PR rounds.

Coming to the second part of the entire story, the rumors say that the films needs to earn $ 25 Mn in order for it to be profitable for the distributors. However, it is clear that even if the film earns $ 18 Mn the distributor will be singing his way to the bank. However, they are not even sure about this figure.

The feedback tells them that the film might not even cross $ 10 Mn.

The Distributor is trying two things here right now.

  1. Get a better deal (Reduce Money Given to producer).
  2. Trying to avoid a Clash with Lion King (Which releases in US on 19th but it is planning to arrive this week in China.)

There’s no way that a 2.0 can face the box office heat of The Lion King at China Box Office. Forget 58000+ screens, it will be reduced to some 30-35000 total number of shows.

The Distributor is telling the Producers Exactly same thing which I told you guys a month back.

What Can happen Now With 2.0 Release in China?

Only a few possibilities.

  1. Both Distributor and Producer have a Day to sort out their commercial issues and move the release date to 2-3 weeks later?
  2. They might like to take a brave call and Face the Lion King at Chinese Box Office, which will be entirely suicidal for the Movie.
  3. Sooner 2.0 will release in China with the same distributor as both the parties have no other option, they are just wasting their time in arm twisting each other and causing losses to the project.

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